Janaury 22 – Obstacles

Obstacles are something every person must face in life. We all have our own unique set of challenges, injustices, and biases we must rise above. Our obstacles serve a greater purpose of teaching us important lessons—about life, other people, and especially ourselves. We must be open to accepting and learning from those lessons though.

blue and white abstract painting

On the topic of obstacles, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

Sometimes it’s difficult to accept that the obstacles in our life are there for a purpose and that we have something to learn from them. Some of the obstacles seem so unfair . . . and they are! There are still many double standards operative in the world of business (and elsewhere!). What works for men often doesn’t work for women in the same situation. And it isn’t fair . . . true . . . and we resent it . . . right . . . as well we should.

And while we are trying to change the situation, it is important to see what we have to learn from there unfair obstacles and move on. We don’t like them, and it is up to us what we do with them.”

Just because everyone faces obstacles, and those obstacles serve to teach us valuable lessons in life, that doesn’t make them any less unfair. Indeed, most challenges we will face are unjust. There are double standards not just for women, but men too, as well as people of color, the poor, the homeless, and the disabled. The list goes on. The great thing about the difficulties we face is that we have the ability to choose how we react. We can let them defeat us and bring us down, or we can learn from them, move on, and keep going. We have the ability to overcome. Not only that, but each time we do, we build up our resiliency and strength a bit more.

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