January 14 – Belief

Belief is both universal and yet so personal to each individual. We all believe in something. We share those beliefs with friends, with family, and even with total strangers. Our beliefs connect us more than they divide, or at least I like to think so. Belief gives us hope. It gives meaning and purpose to our lives greater than ourselves.

snow covered mountain

On the topic of belief, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

Some of us have difficulty with the concept of God because we have seen God evolve into something or someone who is static, a mega-controller, and frankly someone who is not that nice to be around. Traditionally, we have tried to make God static so we would feel safe. That is our problem, not God’s.

What if we see God as a process—the process of the universe? What if we begin to understand that we are part of the process of the universe? What if we realize that it is only when we live who we are that we have the option of being one with that process? Trying to be someone else, who we think we should be, or who others think we should be, ruptures our oneness with that process.”

The idea that God, like love, is a verb greatly appeals to me. We become closer to God through our actions—by serving Him, as some would say, or by doing our best to do right by other people, uphold our morals, and live by our principles. This concept of God as the process of the universe aligns closely with my own personal beliefs. I have long held issue with the idea of God as some static, all-powerful being who intervenes in our lives. The idea that anything good which happens to us is a blessing He bestows on us or that anything bad that happens is for some higher purpose we cannot fathom strikes me as robbing us of responsibility for our lives and the accomplishments we achieve. While there is always a lesson we can take from our misfortunes that in itself serves a higher purpose, sometimes bad things happen to good people for simply no reason. It made me so angry when, after my mom died, people would tell me she was in a better place. I understood the sentiment, but a better place would be to have her here, healthy and happily living out a full life with me and her family.

To think that not only is God a process of the universe, but that I myself am as well, is very soothing. Life is a process of course, one in which we are always learning. It only makes sense that we would be too, for we are part of the universe. We are always evolving, becoming, never static. I resonate deeply with the last lines of today’s meditation. I am always trying to be who I think I should be, or who others think I should be, and so rarely do I simply let myself just be. It is one of the things I have been working on. In the simple act of pursuing my hobbies and making time for what and whom I love most, I already feel more connected to the universe and the greater power within. Of course I have a long way to go still, but that is okay, because I am simply a work in progress.

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