January 11 – Change/Security

The only constant in life is change. Oh, how I have wanted to freeze time and keep things as they were, to preserve a particular time in my life forever. Yet life goes on with or without us. We falsely believe that there is security in things remaining the same, but this simply indicates a lack of growth. Change holds the promise of things to come. It is inevitable that we should fear the unknown, but instead I encourage you to embrace the possibility it holds.

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On the topic of change and security, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

How tenaciously we cling to the illusion that we will get our lives in order and they will stay that way! How resistant we are to the normal process of change! We often feel personally attacked if someone near and dear to us changes without clearing those changes with us first. We have somehow come to believe that security and stasis are synonymous.

Change is the manifestation of our ability to grow and become. When it occurs in those nearest and dearest to us it is an opportunity for celebration. When it happens in ourselves, it allows us to share ourselves on a new level.”

I’m sure there have been times in my life when I have been struck with dread at the realization that someone near to me is changing, though I cannot think of an example now. I like to believe that because I embrace change and growth for the most part, I also encourage this trait in others. It is specifically one thing I always looked for in a partner. I knew I could never be with someone who refuses to seek out opportunities for growth for themselves.

I do recall being hurt when a close friend seemed to tear me down for changes I was making in my life. After much reflection though, I realized that it is easy for people to feel threatened by change. Most attacks against your decisions in life are due to insecurities a person has about their own choices. With this in mind, it is easier to brush those negative comments off, forgive the person, and meet them with love.

I see growth in changes my friends have made in recent years and I applaud them for it. Growing up is a beautiful thing, and I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to change. These are indeed cause for celebration.

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