December 30 – Compassion/Loving

Love and compassion are two of the greatest strengths we have in this world. They have the power to mend our broken hearts and heal our wounded spirits. What’s more is our capacity for love knows no limits. We have an endless amount of love and compassion to give to others.

artistic blossom bright clouds

On the topic of compassion and loving, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

Some of us have become estranged from our feelings of compassion and love. We have believed that we had to become so tough and that we had to keep so busy that love and compassion became luxuries we could ill afford. Surely we could maintain our humanness with a few tax-deductible checks to the proper charities at the end of the year!

Yet, we know deep down that we are loving, compassionate women. When we give ourselves time, we care about people, and there are many things we love about our lives. Our hearts have a limitless capacity for caring and compassion.

It is easy to feel hate toward those who have wronged us, just as it is easy to feel indifference toward anyone but ourselves. It is much harder to look deep inside and find it within yourself to feel love and compassion for others. When we open our hearts and take the time to feel this way though, we find that those feelings come easier and something amazing happens: We feel better, too. Loving has a profound effect on us as well as those whom we love. Being kind to others helps us as much as it helps them. It is one of the greatest things we can do in this world to show love and compassion to others, especially people who we may not feel “deserve” it because of their words and actions. Just as harboring hate in our hearts hurts us, allowing ourselves to feel love and compassion heals us.

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