December 29 – Awareness of Process

We are but the culmination of every decision we have ever made. We have the ability and, indeed, the opportunity to determine who we will become and the direction our lives will take. We can build the lives we want for ourselves, but it requires an awareness of our present situation and the choices that have led us to where we are today, as well as an idea of what we wish for our futures. Change starts with us, and there is no better time to begin than today, right here and now in the present moment. Even the smallest step in the right direction can have monumental impact as it ripples out over time to eventually touch every aspect of our lives. My financial journey alone is proof of that. It takes a conscious effort to shape our lives, though.

wood light vacation picnic

On the topic of awareness of process, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

Our lives are not set in stone. Lives, like flowers, continue to unfold. We have options and we have choices all along the way.

Certainly we have been influenced by our past and the many forces that have impinged upon us in our formative years. Yet we do have the ability to alter our present and our future.

Fate is a process that continues to emerge. As we accept who we are, we have the possibility of becoming someone else. That is the paradox of life and of living.

When I can let life happen, I feel better. When I can participate in the happening of my life, I soar.

I love this concept because it requires one to both let go and also take control. Indeed, life is paradoxical. My husband and I both strongly believe in this idea of taking the wheel to drive, to determine the course of our own lives. The sooner we become aware of our present situation and the factors that have led us here, the sooner we can change our situation if we so wish. We are in charge of our own fate. It is far preferable for me to decide my life than it is to leave it up to external factors such as societal programming and the opinions of others. Question everything, but don’t question yourself too much. Be aware of what you want, what you have, and what factors have contributed to each of these. Only then are you the master of your own destiny.

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