December 28 – Clarity/Changes/Growth

Clarity gives us the ability to know what we must to do in our lives, the changes we need to make, in order to effectively grow into the people we wish to become. Indeed, there have been some changes I have long known I needed to make yet actively avoided, and in doing so, I also avoided getting a clear mind so as not to feel guilty about these. There are some things which are simply hard to deal with. By avoiding them though, we are only hindering ourselves.

scenic view of beach

On the topic of clarity, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

We sometimes avoid getting clear because we intuitively know that when we get clear we will have to make some changes to our lives. We are so accustomed to doing what is expected of us that it is difficult to know what we want or need. We can so easily give in to the demands of others, especially if they are in positions of authority, that we find ourselves confused and lacking clarity.

In spite of our confusion, our inner process continues to push us toward our evolution and growth. Something in us struggles for clarity.

I often find that I am so unquestioningly obedient to others, particularly those of whom have authority or seniority (whether by age or experience), that I often lose sight of myself. In this world, no one will look out for your own best interests but you. We are responsible for our own happiness. That means we must remain clear on our goals, desires, and ambitions. Who do we want to be as people? What do we want to achieve in life? We mustn’t let ourselves forget who we are in an attempt to please everyone else. By giving in to the demands of others all the time, we leave no room or time for ourselves. This is something I am actively working on and admittedly need to improve. I am getting better though, and that holds promise for my future.

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