December 26 – Growth

Growth is a beautiful thing. It adds richness to our lives as we continue to expand our knowledge and our being, becoming (hopefully) better people. I have always strived for growth in my life, and I could not be with a partner who did not share that passion for learning and changing.

sunset on rain forest

On the topic of growth, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

We have such a cult of youth in this society that, for a woman, growing older is a terrifying experience. If i see myself ripening and becoming richer as I grow older, if I see myself developing a more intricate patina, my process of growth takes on a different tone.

Human beings are probably the only species that worship youth and disdain maturity. Among animals, it just doesn’t seem to matter.

I could not know what I know today if I weren’t the age I am. I have the continued opportunity to grow.

For much of my life, I have dreaded growing old, fearing the loss it would bring. The loss of my freedom as I became burdened by responsibility and tied down by family. The loss of my youth as I became older. The loss of people I loved as they became older and passed away. That kind of loss can happen at any age though, and as for the rest of it, well… With age comes wisdom and experience. As I grow older, I realize my life is only becoming richer. The responsibilities I have and family I am building are irreplaceable to me now. I feel as though my life is only just beginning; there is so much to look forward to. Mainly, I am loving growing older because I am learning what truly matters and what doesn’t. I am learning to let go of so many things I cannot control, and to look at the world from a more even perspective. So many people have their lives cut short and never get to experience old age. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to grow.

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