December 20 – Joyfulness

I must admit I haven’t been feeling very joyful lately, but there is a certain beauty in the resilience of the human spirit. In pursuing my passions, those splendid gifts my mother passed on to me—that is, her love of reading and writing—I am finding joy and peace in my heart. Again, it serves as a reminder that no matter how down we may be, no matter what black hate and pain we may hold in our hearts, we can still find within ourselves the will to be joyful and carry on.  

close up of leaf

On the topic of joyfulness, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

Indeed, the world is so beautiful . . . and so imaginative. Who would have thought to design a tree such that its limbs, when they become too heavy, send down another trunk, so that a single tree repeating this process many times over can eventually cover an area the size of an entire block? Imagine a tree that is so tall that we can’t really see the top—a tree that has developed at least three methods of reproducing itself so as not to become extinct? Indeed, “the strange beauty of the world must somewhere rest on pure joy.” We have the opportunity to experience that joy. When we notice, the strange beauty of the earth is all around us.

Nature gives us another wonderful example of the beauty of resilience. Indeed, human beings are very much a part of nature. It only makes sense that we should share this innate desire to persevere, to spread our arms in growth. It is this will to carry on that holds within it the hope of future joys, even if we ourselves are not in a joyous state currently. There are future happinesses to be had, and so much joy and beauty in the world to be observed, if only we can open our hearts to it.

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