December 18 – Love

Love is a risk. It is an act of letting go, of both giving and receiving. It takes trust and a great deal of faith to love someone without limitations, expectations, or demands. There is always the chance that you will not be loved in return, or that your partner will change (or you will change) and be left on your own. It is a chance that is always worth taking though.

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On the topic of love, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

Many women who do too much believe that there are tricks to loving. If we can just look sexy enough, we can make others love us. Or if we just take care of others and make ourselves indispensable, they will love us. We don’t learn to love by loving, we try to control love by manipulation. Unfortunately, these methods do not teach us much about loving.

Loving is a risk. It is letting go of expectations and just allowing.

When we experience loving ourselves, we begin to learn by loving.

It’s true that you must first love yourself before you are capable of loving others. How can you possibly expect to receive love from others if you can’t accept your own love? How can you give love to others if you don’t first learn to give love to yourself? I learned the hard way by trying to control and manipulate love early in my dating years. I thought surely if I was such a wonderful person, I could make anyone see it if only I tried hard enough. That is not the way love works though. There is a reason people say if you love something let it go. Love is not using force to get your way, but rather simply allowing someone to be. Let go and you will be amazed at how the pieces fall into place in your life.

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