December 17 – Healing

Again I’m struck by how relevant and timely these meditations are. How fitting that on this day, just two days before the anniversary of my mom’s passing, the topic I should write about is healing. Healing is a constant process in life that evolves and changes over time, but does not cease. Whether we are healing from something large and tragic, or simply from life’s everyday misfortunes, it is something we all deal with on a regular basis.

beach beautiful bridge carribean

On the topic of healing, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

Healing takes time. Healing is an every day affair. Some traumatic events in our lives require physical, emotional, and/or spiritual healing, and sometimes we just need to let the nicks, chips, and dents from everyday living heal. Doing the work we do and holding things together the way we do takes its toll.

When we need these healing times, there is nothing better than a good long walk. It is amazing how the rhythmic movements of the feet and legs are so intimately attached to cobweb cleaners in the brain. And we must take a long walk, because at first we think about our problems. These thoughts dissipate over time, thus allowing the healing to begin and we are less focused on our thinking.

The transformative power of walking is actually what led me to take up running. At first, it was so challenging that my mind could not focus on much else other than the physical act of running. As it became easier though, my mind would start to wander, angrily turning over each problem I faced throughout the day. As I progressed and began to run farther, I noticed something amazing start to happen; my mind would slowly, gradually quiet and then finally grow still. After every time I ran, I felt refreshed and my soul felt clean, free from the worries that had plagued me during the day.

While I know you can never truly run away from your problems, I began to feel as though I was at least outrunning them (pun intended). To take a long walk is, of course, a much more relaxing and soothing means to achieve the same end, and I certainly find peace quicker when I walk than when I run. Still though, running gives me something into which I can channel my anxious energy and expend it in such a way that is both productive and extremely satisfying. I find being near any large body of water water (particularly the ocean) has the same effect.

To live is to feel pain, and therefore, to live means we must practice the power of healing often if we are to find any peace and comfort in our lives.


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