December 10 – Feeling Trapped

Until recently, I often felt trapped both in my professional and personal life. Trapped by the demands of my role and the constant assignments thrust onto me by my superiors. Trapped by society’s expectations of me as a woman. Trapped even by my own idea of what it means to be a wife. The truth is though that only we have the ability to define our roles at home and in the workplace.

Once I took ownership of myself and my life, my outlook improved drastically. Now I understand that I have the power to accept or reject the demands placed on me, whether by others or even myself.

daylight forest glossy lake

On the topic of feeling trapped, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

We wanted to become professional women partly because we wanted to remove ourselves from being the “slave class that maintains the species.” Yet, it is difficult fully to escape that trap. We find that any job can become a trap, whether we are full-time homemakers, volunteers, support personnel, or executive-level managers.

We need to recognize that all of us, regardless of what we do, are part of the “business of the world,” and the world needs all of us.

Accepting who I am and what I have to offer is empowering to me and the society.

As for accepting who I am and what I have to offer the world, that too is something I am better at now than I once was. Because writing has always come easy to me, I took my abilities for granted when I first started my career. I assumed I was “less than” the engineers I found myself surrounded by at work, until one day, my colleague told me to more or less knock it off. Not everyone has my gift for the written word, and I bring a unique set of skills and talents to not just my team, but to the world. This is true for everyone regardless of their station in life. There is no role too small or unimportant. You matter, as do I.

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