December 9 – Confusion/Busyness

I have long struggled with maintaining a sense of balance in my life. I tend to take things to excess, allowing my habits to become compulsive. Too much of a good thing is still a bad thing. Everything in moderation, as they say.

snowy pathway surrounded by bare tree

On the topic of confusion and busyness, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

Part of the subtlety of this disease is taking something that is good for us and doing it in such a way that it is destructive and perpetuates the problem.

Work is good. But if we do it compulsively and batter ourselves and those we love with it, it becomes destructive. Exercise is good. But if we use it to destroy our bodies, avoid intimacy, and keep out of touch with ourselves, it can have the same effect as heavy drinking.

At some deeper level in our lives, how we do things is just as important as what we do.

This serves as an excellent reminder to not let the good things I am doing for myself become destructive in themselves. It’s important to allow myself time to rest, take breaks, and occasionally do nothing productive at all. By breaking myself down from overexertion, I am only killing my own productivity, creativity, and happiness. A healthy life is a balanced life with time to recharge and reset.

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