December 8 – Sharing Step Twelve

Nothing lifts my spirits more than doing something nice for someone else. Helping others is a great way to look beyond yourself, to get outside of your own head and put some distance between you and your problems. Isn’t it funny how helping others actually helps you, too?

scenic view of sea against sky at sunset

On the topic of sharing and Step Twelve, Anne Wilson Schaef writes:

Sometimes we just reach an impasse in our lives. In spite of our intelligence, competence, and tenacity, we just do not seem to be able to pull our lives together. Often times, this is where the wisdom of the Twelfth Step in the Twelve-Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous comes into play in our lives.

Because we have begun to be in touch with our spirituality and because we have begun to experience the healing of the Twelve-Step program, we are ready to share our strength and hope with others. Yet, when we do this, we are not reaching out in a self-centered way and we must simultaneously realize that when we reach out we often receive great benefit.

Giving to others is one of the most selfless and powerful things you can do. Often when I find myself feeling particularly down, I will do something to help another person. Even something as seemingly small and simple as calling a friend who is in a difficult place to offer your support can lift your mood from even the deepest funk. It also shows us that even in our lowest times, we still have the capacity in our hearts to give more. It is a welcome reminder of how beautiful life is.

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